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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2: A Comprehensive Overview

“The Summer I Turned Pretty,” based on the novel by Jenny Han, captured the hearts of viewers with its debut season, blending coming-of-age themes, romance, and the warmth of summer. The anticipation for Season 2 was high, as fans eagerly awaited the continuation of Belly Conklin’s story, her relationships with the Fisher brothers, and the unfolding drama at Cousins Beach. Season 2 delves deeper into these characters’ lives, offering more emotional depth, complex relationships, and new challenges.

Plot Development

Season 2 picks up where the first season left off, with Belly Conklin returning to Cousins Beach for another summer, which promises to be as transformative and dramatic as the last. The season opens with Belly grappling with the aftermath of the previous summer’s events, particularly her evolving feelings for Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher.

Belly’s Emotional Journey

Belly’s journey in Season 2 is marked by her struggle to find her place within the Fisher family dynamics and her own emotional growth. Her relationship with Conrad, which was left on an uncertain note at the end of Season 1, becomes a focal point. Conrad, dealing with his own set of personal challenges, including his mother’s health issues, vacillates between opening up to Belly and pushing her away.

On the other hand, Jeremiah’s consistent and unwavering affection for Belly adds a layer of complexity to the love triangle. Belly finds herself torn between her long-time crush on Conrad and her deepening friendship and potential romantic feelings for Jeremiah. This season explores the nuances of her internal conflict, making her more relatable as she navigates her teenage years.

The Fisher Brothers

Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher’s relationship is tested like never before in Season 2. Conrad’s brooding and often closed-off demeanor contrasts sharply with Jeremiah’s open and affectionate nature. Their bond as brothers is put to the test as they both vie for Belly’s affection while simultaneously dealing with their mother Susannah’s deteriorating health.

Susannah’s Illness

Susannah Fisher’s battle with cancer is a significant subplot that impacts all the characters profoundly. Her illness casts a shadow over the usually bright and carefree summers at Cousins Beach. Susannah’s strength and grace in the face of her illness provide both a source of inspiration and heartache for her sons and Belly. The show sensitively portrays the impact of her illness on the family dynamics, particularly highlighting how each character copes with the impending loss in their own way.

Supporting Characters

Season 2 also delves deeper into the lives of supporting characters, enriching the narrative tapestry. Belly’s mother, Laurel, struggles with her own emotions and her attempts to be a pillar of strength for Susannah, her lifelong friend. The relationship between Laurel and Susannah is portrayed with a touching realism, showcasing the enduring power of friendship.

Belly’s friends, Taylor and Steven, also have more prominent roles this season. Taylor’s vibrant personality and Steven’s evolving maturity add additional layers to the story. Their interactions with Belly provide a broader perspective on her world outside the immediate drama of the Fisher family.

New Characters and Intrigues

Season 2 introduces new characters who bring fresh energy and complications to the plot. These new faces add intrigue and help to expand the storyline beyond the core group. Their interactions with the main characters often serve as catalysts for key plot developments, pushing the characters to confront their insecurities and desires.

Themes Explored

1. Growth and Change

The theme of growth and change is central to Season 2. Belly is no longer the naive girl from the first season; she’s more aware of the complexities of love and relationships. The Fisher brothers also exhibit growth, particularly Conrad, who is forced to confront his emotions and vulnerabilities.

2. Love and Loss

The series continues to explore the theme of love in its various forms—romantic love, familial love, and friendship. Alongside love, the shadow of loss looms large, primarily through Susannah’s illness. The impending loss forces the characters to cherish their moments together, adding a bittersweet tone to the narrative.

3. Family and Friendship

Family dynamics are at the heart of the series. Season 2 highlights the importance of familial bonds and how they can be both a source of strength and conflict. Similarly, the show emphasizes the value of friendship, particularly through the relationship between Belly and her mother, and between Laurel and Susannah.

4. Resilience and Hope

Despite the challenges and heartache, the characters demonstrate remarkable resilience. Susannah’s optimism in the face of her illness and the characters’ determination to support each other through difficult times imbue the season with a sense of hope.

Visual and Cinematic Elements

Season 2 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” continues to captivate viewers with its stunning visuals and evocative cinematography. The serene and picturesque setting of Cousins Beach serves as a beautiful backdrop to the unfolding drama. The use of natural lighting and the careful selection of locations enhance the show’s nostalgic and warm atmosphere.


The soundtrack of Season 2 plays a crucial role in setting the tone and enhancing the emotional depth of the series. A mix of contemporary hits and nostalgic tunes perfectly encapsulates the feelings of summer, love, and heartache. Music continues to be a powerful tool in the series, often underscoring key moments and heightening the viewer’s emotional connection to the characters.

Critical Reception

Season 2 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” received generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Critics praised the series for its nuanced portrayal of teenage emotions and relationships, its strong performances, particularly by the lead actors, and its ability to balance light-hearted moments with more serious themes.

Viewers appreciated the character development and the deepening of the storyline. Many fans of the original book series by Jenny Han felt that the second season stayed true to the spirit of the novels while also introducing new elements that kept the story fresh and engaging.


“The Summer I Turned Pretty” Season 2 successfully builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor, offering a richer, more emotionally complex narrative. The season deftly navigates themes of love, loss, and personal growth, all set against the idyllic backdrop of summer at Cousins Beach. With its compelling character arcs, stunning visuals, and evocative soundtrack, Season 2 continues to resonate with viewers, making it a standout entry in the coming-of-age genre.

As fans eagerly anticipate a potential third season, the legacy of Belly Conklin and the Fisher brothers continues to grow, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of its audience.